1. G

    17' Series Expanda query

    Hi, First time poster. Just purchased an Expanda 17.56.2 12 model with en-suite, just wondering what issues I should keep an eye out for and any handy tips for when camping. Heading off through NSW starting July with the wife and an 8 & 6 year old, would really love some must have spots to...
  2. Jack Lucy & Josh

    NSW - For Sale Excellent family with awesome pictures ;-) Late 2010 Expanda 17.56.2HL OB + lot of EXTRAS

    Look at the pictures – and you wanna buy that much loved family van! ;-) Perfect van with HEAPS OF EXTRAS for an adventurous family like you! As you know, ee had an awesome time in our van – but hated our car! And now it's time to pass it on to someone who will love it and appreciate freedom &...
  3. Wombat6

    20' Series How to tell if car charging Expanda batteries?

    We have a 2016 Expanda caravan. Due to problems with our previous tow vehicle we have not used the caravan much in the last 18 months. However, we have just bought a Patrol and last week had a towbar and caravan electrics installed so today I connected it to make sure everything worked. One...
  4. J

    16' Series 2004 Jayco Expanda Freedom - user manual

    Hi ladies & gents, We have recently bought a second hand caravan and eager to learn the in and outs to further improve usability. Does anyone know where to get the user Manual and most importantly a wiring diagram for the van ? Cheers Jono
  5. Jack Lucy & Josh

    Pop-top Expanda (16 or 17 series) Outback with bunks

    ++++++++ UPDATE ++++++++ After having spent some time on this forums, we (2 adults and 3 kids aged 9/6/4) now know much better what we are after. MUST HAVE • 16.49 or 17.56 series • outback version (Australia begins where sealed roads end) • expanda on both sides • bunk beds • solar & batteries...
  6. D

    2016 Jayco Expanda Outback 17.56 2 (shower & toilet version)

    For sale is our much loved Jayco Outback Expanda 17.56 2. Selling due to upgrading (and husband trumping on downsizing van!) Condition of van is excellent, all servicing up to date, hasn’t been off-road (but successfully completed the Nullabor last year with absolutely no hassles), sleeps 6...
  7. G

    Electrical Has anyone installed a Ctek Smartpass in their Van?

    Hi all, I'm wanting to charge up the battery in the caravan as quickly as possible from the 4WD while driving or parked up. I already have a Ctek D250 which works well (20A) but with the possibility of 140A with a Smartpass I was wondering if anyone else has done this and if so how did you get...
  8. M

    2016 Expanda 17.56.2 ensuite bunk TOURING for sale $42,500

    Dec 2016 Expanda 17.65.2 Touring Excellent condition family van sleeps 6 comfortable More photos can be emailed Includes all the usual Jayco fixtures and fittings Shower/ toilet Queen bed Double bed Double bunks (bottom bunk converts into eating/kids play seat and table) 3 way 150ltr fridge...
  9. M

    Annexe for roll out awning NEW suit 2008 onwards outback expanda

    Never used Tebbs annexe suit 13ft roll out awnings, comes with anti flap bars and draft skirt to suit a 2008 16.49-3 outback expanda but will suit most models. New ones are $2200 so grab a bargain, Repeat this is in NEW condition. Contact Zach 0401197579, pick up is Croydon Victoria. At a...
  10. Rosco

    Exterior Painting the lower section of an Expanda OB

    Hi all, Has anyone thought of, or attempted to, paint the lower chequer plate/grey/silver section of a Expanda OB ? I have just attempted it with great success. I don't have any background in this type of work,( I'm an underwater welder/boilermaker) but thought I would give it a crack. I hassled...
  11. D

    18' Series Slide out on older Expandas

    Hi All, My wife and I and 3 kids (under 8) are planning on buying a caravan. We really like the space the Expanda offers but are not sure about the model to get. We want an en suite and so have been considering the bunk model with the toilet and shower. Sleeping for the extra child is the...
  12. cruza driver

    (VIC) Victorian High Country from Mansfield.

    I have had a few questions asked of late about the Victorian High Country and what areas are accessible from the town of Mansfield. In particular when the seasonal track closures are in effect and what areas can still be accessed and what is open to see and explore There are a few caravan...
  13. L

    14' Series 14.44-4 Triple Bunk

    Hi all, I have been looking around for a while now at what I can upgrade my camper trailer to. I currently have a standard tent camper that folds out to the side and would love to upgrade to something that's a little quicker to set up. I have primarily been looking at the Jayco Swan and the...
  14. L

    16' Series 16.49-4 Mod to Jayco Sport

    Hi I'm thinking about purchasing a Jayco 16.49-4 but modifying it to be similar to the Jayco Sport concept with folding bunk beds, but with a rear drop down tailgate (like a work n play) instead of the rear door. I'm just wondering if anybody has priced a modification like this before or has...
  15. Steven.C

    Old & Moved For Sale 2010 Expanda 17.56.2 Melbourne

    2010 Touring Model with heaps of Extras: Extended A Frame with Engineered bike rack that holds 4 Adult Bikes (easily removed for access to bed end). Instant Hot Water Service. External Shower. Fold Down Outside Table. Internal & External Speakers for Stereo with USB. Windup Antenna. Large 150...
  16. 8

    18' Series 18.57-9 Outback

    Hey guys fantastic site, I have a few questions about the Jayco 18.57.9 OB so I am armed with some knowledge before I seriously start looking. So what I know (limited), they are a full van (not pop top) and from what I can see they do have with a layout that ticks all the boxes for my family...
  17. W

    Jayco expanda 16.49.2 Bunk model WANTED

    Looking for the fabulous 16.49.2 bunk expanda van for our growing family. Models from 2006 to 2010 will be in our price range and outback model preferred but not essential. Genuine buyer. Show me what's out there
  18. A

    Electrical 2011 -- 17.56.2 Expanda -- Extra Fridge Wiring in VAN

    Hi I have just purchased a 2011 Expanda 17.56.2, I have recently been away with wife and 4 kids. Whilst away I noticed quickly that the Fridge in the Van was too small for our needs. ( Think it is a 80-100lt ) I purchased a 60lt Companion Fridge / Freezer from BCF and are quite happy with...
  19. Andrew Noon

    20' Series Hot Water System - Melted pipe

    Hi Guys, Just hoping for some advice. Our hot water seems to work on mains but not on gas. I opened up the cover to take a look and it looks like the hot water pipe has completely melted! I obviously know I need to replace this but should I be checking anything else while I'm at it? If it's...
  20. C

    Jayco Expanda Outback 16.49-1 (Offroad Van)

    2006 model. Great family van for off road adventures. Self-sufficient solar power for bush camping and high clearance and independent suspension for 4WD tracks. Sleeps family of 6, including a queen and a double bed, and bench seats which convert to beds. Excellent setup with many inclusions...