Pop-top Expanda (16 or 17 series) Outback with bunks

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After having spent some time on this forums, we (2 adults and 3 kids aged 9/6/4) now know much better what we are after.

• 16.49 or 17.56 series
• outback version (Australia begins where sealed roads end)
• expanda on both sides
• bunk beds
• solar & batteries (in order to keep running costs low, we will be free camping as much as possible)
• 150L fridge (we are vegetarians and veggies want it cool and take up a lot of space)
• gas bottles
• fly and storm covers for bed ends
• privacy curtains for beds and bunks
• Smoke and pet free

• warmwater
• ensuite toilet and shower OR outdoor-shower
• 12/240 inverter
• bicycle rack
• in-line water filter (dual water tanks)
• toolboxes
• wall mounted picnic-table
• radio & speaker
• hoses, fittings, cables, pegs, ropes, ramps, …
• and a list with all lifesaving mods and hacks from this great forum ;-)

• AC (no power for it when free-camping anyway)
• microwave
• awning

less than 30K for a 16-series, 35K for a 17-series

not older than 2010 (hard lid over bed ends and new layout)

NSW, Sydney +250 km

1st of January 2019

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We are a family of 5 from Austria looking for solid expanda (Pop-up, outback version with bunks for less than 30K, not older than 2009) for our planed „big lap“. Any ideas? Will start our journey the very beginning of 2019 - Sydney preferably.

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Not too good as gumtree obviously bans all my messages because my computer doesn’t have an Australian IP. Until the 31st of December I won’t be „down under“ so all my messages to potential sellers aren’t forwarded and phone numbers are hidden. Digital globalism isn’t much of a help at the moment.
But I am an optimistic person believing that it will be good for something. It does save me a lot of money - at least for the moment


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Nov 7, 2013
I would treat Gumtree with a bit of caution but do not buy anything or hand over any money, deposit whatever without actually seeing and touching, we have a place nearby where vans are on consignment for sale and while they look good online they aren't all that great in the flesh, Ive had a look at some with you in mind and they aren't much chop at all...............sorry to say....
I totally agree with you. I use Gumtree, … only to see what's on the market and one of my search criteria is "Sydney +250 km" which means I will have the possibility to see and check first before handing over some money. But we will also check "offline sales" in and around Sydney when we arrive.
Thanksall for your help anyway … I will update my "what I want and look for" in my threadstarter-post to give you more of a hint what we are actually after for.
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Mar 31, 2014
@Bluey, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? You are at least 6 Hours ahead to Central European time - and here it‘s 10 in the evening
Its 545 am at the moment i get the 527 train to work need a guide for your trip more than happy if my wife lets me oh and bank manager
Have you looked at hireing a van and diffrance in cost ??????
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Oct 29, 2013
Viewbank, Victoria
you could look to get a VPN and pretend to be in Australia to email people.
facebook is pretty good we sold our last van via there..
you really have to check the van out see which local places to Sydney do Van checking? We had a van checked out in SA when we where looking to buy the first time. Van was fine.. People backed out.