Show and Shine - Show us your tow vehicle set up!


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May 12, 2013
West of Newcastle
Retired Landcruiser as I needed something a little lower to the ground, had diesels before and didnt want another one so went V8 AWD,
Being A Holden Man it was a no brainer!
Holden Crewman Cross 8 5.7ltr AWD
Tows like a gem no lack of power and a very stable car!

Cheap honest vehicle for just over 10 grand plus the cost of all the goodies I added!
So far list of upgrades are:
Manufacturers Transmission cooler
PWR Power Steering Cooler
New High Pressure P/S Line
New GMH Front Struts
Upgraded Chip
30mm Lift Front King Springs
BOSS Rear Bellow Air Bags
Plus some pretty stuff!

Fist run was 2 weeks ago and I got a fuel economy return of 16.64.
Bloody stoked with that!

Next addition is roof racks for the bikes!..

PS: Wish they still made these things as I would upgrade today!

btrewman plus van.jpg
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Sep 14, 2013
Emerald Qld
This is ours, we are really happy with both the cruiser and the panda. The cruise has all sorts bolted to it and the expand and has nearly all of the available options. We wanted to be as comfortable as we could. Currently on the first big trip, left central qld, out to Camooweal and then down to Ayres rock and then home via kings canyon.




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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
Looks like it sits behind the cruiser better @Bluey
mmmmmmmmmmm im on the fence with that one I like them both but a big van probably looks better behind cruiser in the pic there almost having a head on trying to decide themselves
I suppose if you can't have a Navara, either of those is a reasonable poor cousin :brick:

(even silver looks better on a Navara)