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Nov 7, 2013
Yet having visited some non democracy's and some that are just by name, ours is certainly a far better alternative where we can stand up and call them naughty words or vocally disagree with their policy ideas, not having to worry about having a visit during the night or making a sudden trip to hospital or unexpected funeral for the family, even with its foibles its far better than a lot of others and I can vouch that all the carrying on about Police brutality, the moaners really have no idea as they haven't seen brutality and if they did they wouldn't be seeing or talking................

So whinge away it is our democratic right............... it may not be perfect but many have fought to get this far and to be able to Vote is part of it..................................
and don't forget to Vote, no Vote no choice, let others choose for you ???

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Mar 13, 2017
Ferny Grove, Queensland
One thing worse than not voting, is not being able to vote, which is the fundamental difference between a Denocracy and a Dictatorship.

So true @Johnanbev . And to think of the sacrifices a lot of good men (and women) went to to achieve that fundamental freedom that is wasted on a lot of the population. What a waste!! The difficulty is picking "the best from the rest" and end up getting " the worst of the best"!!