Christmas lights Kawana Canels


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Feb 17, 2017
sunshine coast
Hi Rags good to hear from you .I usually have lazer lights going but we are up for sale and relocating to Cairns in the New Year....In the storm the other Saturday I nearly ran over their Santa in the middle of the road...Poor santa looked a little deflated. Got the Prado on carsales...Ill see how I go. Best wishes of the season


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That wind must have blown hard, when I went into the garage the other night I couldn't work out why the manhole hatch was lifted off. Then thought must have been sucked up by the wind.
Cairns is a big move ! Good luck with that and the sale of the Prado. Are you thinking another Prado again?
I have to pock me head around and meet you before you move on.I won't be up there now for a few weeks now as heading back to the Blue Mts and other stops for Christ.