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Sep 2, 2014
Queanbeyan NSW
I don't have our Starcraft yet, hopefully will get it mid December. I hope it was OK to vote above.
The wait is spent reading this forum and dreaming about trips next year.
Below are a couple of bits of info some based on what I have read on this forum.

1. I asked my Sydney Jayco dealer about fitting a grey water tank. The response was that it could not be factory fitted to my model (Starcraft 18.55.3), but the dealer could fit an 82l grey water tank ($450). I have seen some great posts on fitting smaller grey water tanks on this forum, not sure if I will need 82l, I think 40l or 50l would be all we need. Also dealer fitted tank would not be counted on the compliance plate, as would any tank I fit. I decided to wait till I get the van and think about it a bit more. I can probably do it myself after delivery.

2. Since my original order I have added a factory fitted fan for the fridge at a cost of $206, I could do it cheaper, but if the fridge (RM 2553) does not perform up north with factory fan I have a good come back. We specifically asked for the manual switching fridge not the auto switching (2555) as it what we are use to and don't quite trust auto switching fridges. Keep it simple if possible.

3. I have decided not to get the factory to fit Anderson plug, as I will do this myself after delivery.

4. I have asked the Jayco factory via the dealer about the fitting of a McHitch (not a Jayco option) as the dealer was not sure if fitting it would have an impact on the warranty. I have asked for a written response via email. It is a shame Jayco do not fit the McHitch as an option or if it impacts warranty.