16' Series Wet bed ends

Apr 17, 2018
South Australia
Hi all, i have the 2004 16' expanda and am wandering if anyone has any good advice on keeping the bed ends dry when it rains. We have the bed end flys but they are only solid on the top with white mesh down the sides.
Laying tarps over the ends under the bed end fly and securing down?
Erecting 3m x 3m gazebos over the ends?


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Apr 26, 2016
South Morang, Victoria
We also have the same flies and have not really had a problem. They have got a bit wet occasionally but only a little down the side.

We set up the flies most times when there for more than one night, or if it is raining.

Not sue I would want the extra hassles of Gazebos.


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Nov 7, 2013
Cooloola Coast, QLD
Firstly where is it wet ??? Water pooling on the canvas top or seeping in the sides ??? I camped in some mighty downpours with just privacy screens and never had any leaks in my 14.44.
I did pull out the mattress and absolutely soaked the canvas at first, let it all dry for a couple of days, run bees wax over all the stitching then sprayed it with waterproofing bought from the saddlery, the stuff you use on Driz A bone coats, just put in a spray bottle and soak the canvas inside and out, let dry, once all done never any leaks........................after a year it will need to be reproofed as the spray stuff will get diluted by the heat/rain/dust etc you can tell as a pillow left against the canvas may cause water to wick thru....just brush the canvas down and respray, easy peasy.

Wetting it all down shrinks and makes the stitching all fit together, the bees wax seals the needle holes and thread, old style canvas waterproofing technique.

Salesmen may say it's all pre-shrunk but even they can't really believe what they say......


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Feb 18, 2018
Bonny Hills, NSW
Ours have only gotten wet on the sides during absolute torrential downpours. Anything touching the canvas will get damp. We haven’t bothered doing anything as it dried out again and it hasn’t been an issue with lighter rain.
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