Weighbridge near Yarragon


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Sep 11, 2016
Mount Waverley, VIC
there is a renovated weighbridge heading towards Melbourne on the M1 between Trafalgar and Yarragon.

When it is unmanned, you can drive in and the weight on the scales is shown on a display.

Easy peasy to get the weights on the front and rear wheels of the Falcon and the weight on the Penguin axle:

Front: 960 kg
Rear: 1,180 kg
Penguin: 1,020 kg

Weights with both passengers in the Falcon.

Best of all, it is free, zilch, not a brass razoo!

Even better, based on my previous towball measurement of 127 kg, I was under the ATM of 1,264 kg by 117 kg.
Only had about 50% gas bottle and about 50% (45l / 85l) water. So with full cylinder and full water tank (extra 45 kg), I have about 72 kg left from my 300 kg allowance.
I am quite happy and relieved with that result.

Now to get the car manual out and do a check on the vehicle loadings.