Weber Quick Connect Gas Coupling


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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
I stumbled onto a site with a thread on these things and the howls of " there will be fire balls everywhere" from indignant experts was unbelievable, I think some of them don't even like people changing their own gas bottles, pack of wankers........
Odd. The connectors are AGA approved which is the same organisation approving everyones caravan and house stoves, HWS, heaters, BBQs, torches, soldering irons etc etc. I would have suspected the AGA are the experts .... stupid me. Did they poo poo gas bayonets, which are much the same? I hope these naysayers have informed the AGA of their exhaustive research.

There's a conspiracy because Energy Safe Vic also recommend fittings approved by the AGA, the Govt's trying to kill us

We'll start seeing gas appliances adorned with a handwritten "Approved by Cletus" label soon. Disappointingly, Im pretty sure that trickle of BBQ gas wont be enough for a fire ball anyway. Ill probably test mine with a cigarette lighter
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