17' Series Water Pump making funny noise

Jun 10, 2014
Gold Coast, Queensland
Hello to all,
We have a 17.56.2 2014 model and our water pump is not working. When we switch it on, it makes a dull noise like it is trying to work but no water is being drawn from the tanks. Could there be an air blockage? If anybody has any ideas how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. Not able to go anywhere due to this virus and have cancelled our two weeks away so thought we would give the van a good overhaul and this was the first thing that has come up that needs our attention :). Thanks in advance


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Nov 7, 2013
Okay, starting at the beginning water tanks full !!!! check that the 3 way tank valve is actually open to one of the tanks, if you look closely at the valve you should see some triangles as arrows denoting which tank is flowing it is preferable to just have one tank flowing to the line to the pump, so you should have an arrow to one tank line and the other to the pump line, it is possible to shut the tanks off..... If the arrows are pointing where they should be then run have someone turn the tap on while you look at the lines underneath (thats if they are clear lines) if you see bubbles then the valve has probably got an air leak or a join has, you will have to locate it, the tap can be replaced with 2 Pope garden irrigation taps, about $6 for at Bunnings or you just use a plastic joiner from the same shop to join the pipe together.................... Another trick is pull each bit of pipe off and blow thru it to clear a jam, often some plastic drill swarf will block things up...... If you want some pics give a yell and I will find some........ bit busy ATM but hope that helps.
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Mar 31, 2014
Stupid question but do you have water in tanks ?? I have the same van ..... try running front draw bar tap to get rid of air the pumps are not bad but in saying that like anything they can stuff up someone else may have more to say