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Dec 22, 2009
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How has the rebuild been going @expanda?
Hey @crackacoldie thanks for a checking in.

Been a bit quiet on this front.

Two things have happened.

1) I ran out of time (who doesn't :) )
2) I enlisted help

So what happened ?

I found a repairer up on the central coast who did a dam fine job on rebuilding a few old classics like mine.

There is some jobs which I just will not tackle, so what have we done to the old girl with a little bit of help.

Well this is the list of where we are up to -

1) What most people are probably not aware but the Wilpena Pount meet ended in the SA storms which we got stuck in the middle of trying to get out of Wilpena. The damage done was we lost the front window shade it was massive got ripped of in the wind and the pop top skirt got torn to shreds in the storm.

It was fun to say the least but the first job in order to test the repairer out was a new pop top skirt replacing the window shade was becoming a nightmare there rare as hens teeth to get and if you can get one you need to donate an organ as down payment.

So we just replaced the skirt for the moment, we also while he was there got all 4 scissor lifts replaced for good measure and back saving measures ohhh and we had axles flipped to to get it off the ground.

You can see how easy it is to get carried away, keep you wallets buried near me...

You can see the damage done in the first pic from the storm and the gaffer tape were we attempted a partial repair it was pretty bad let me tell you but Wilpena was worth it.

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View media item 387
2) Then about middle of the year we decided to get the bunks re done and as usual i got a little carried away with the repairer and elisted him to do a few things as follows -

  • Remove the front window and replace with a euro style window, purists are going to hate me but I am in love with the new window its so functional and albeit that is very sad as to how much joy a new window can bring
  • New window shade to match the new window
  • Replace all the sheeting in the front half of the van internally this is all the internal ply
  • Install a new set of bunks
  • Install a cupboard next to the bunks
  • Add a trunk door on the passenger side of the van to access under the bunks
This is the external work and window -

View media item 382
View media item 378
View media item 379
View media item 380
View media item 381
This is the internal work now -

View media item 369
View media item 370
View media item 371
View media item 372
View media item 373
View media item 374
View media item 375
View media item 376
View media item 377
So yes its been a long time between drinks and she is not done by a mile but we are still working on the old girl.

The changes have all added to her mystique and just made us even more happy to use it.

Can wait to get her out again soon and promise to keep the thread going when something new arises but right now we are pretty happy.

There is however a long laundry list I would like to complete this century....
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