Suspension Underslinging a Straight Axle


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Nov 7, 2013
Cooloola Coast, QLD
This is a rehash of a thread I've lost.......... detail how to undersling your Single Straight Axle.......It doesn't apply to drop/off set axles.

At All Times Remember You Are Under a Vehicle Supported By Stands Think Safety Always.

Now I would advise a flat concrete area to work on, you will need 4 x large jack stands, not those caravan stacka jacks either, you need a good bit of height under it......big shifter, pliers, new U bolts with NyLock nuts and HT washers, 2 x 10mm axle spacers....empty water tanks, remove spare.

Be very mindfull of slip when getting your van on and off the stands, do not use the jockey wheel, it will move and is unstable.

Do Not Use a Scissor Jack for anything it will kill. A bottle jack or trolley jack to lift is the safest way.

Now before I started I scribed a line down the spring from where the axle sat on top of the spring to the bottom of the spring on both springs, I then measured from this lower point to a spot on the chassis which I marked, I did this on both sides so I could align things when job completed, it's hard to describe and sorry if it sounds a bit iffy....... basically just trying to square things...................

Jack up van with wheels approx 100mm off the ground if possible, gives you plenty of room and makes it easier when you put it back together, put jack stands under rear of chassis then lift the front up and put stands under the chassis at the front, I had my stands about halfway between end of vehicle and spring hangers and a third of the way back from the font, not the draw bar.

DO NOT USE THE JOCKEY WHEEL AS A JACK or a stand, in fact remove it before starting, remove wheels, scribe the position of the spring position on axle and mark axle as top and left or right side, disconnect handbrake cable from drum, brake power cable on axle, undo the U bolts, pop a shackle pin and roll out axle.
On the bottom of the axle you will see a 10mm spacer block which the spring sat upon, this holds the position of axle and gives room for the centre bolt, this needs to be on the opposite side of the axle now so measure and transcribe the position to the top of your axle, the block is usually spot welded in place but no need to remove it just put a new one in the new position, accuracy means you will keep the same profile, you cannot just rotate your axle , your brakes wont work and alighnment will be out, Don't Do It.

At All Times Remember You Are Under a Vehicle Supported By Stands, always have someone to help and keep the work site tidy.

Rebolt your spring and push your axle into position under the springs, jack it into position and using NEW U bolts preferable with HT washers and Ny Lock nuts, bolt it up and connect up all the other bits. You will need to check your U bolts nuts after a few hundred K's, do not reuse old U bolts as they stretch.
Keep an eye on tyre wear if it's just scrubbing slightly, measure from axle to a common spot on either side of chassis, say 350mm from front hanger and loosen U bolts slightly and just tap axle till the measurement is the same on both sides.

These stands are good, wide top to hold and limit slide, HD.......................

These I wouldn't use as very little support on top,
are okay for supporting of axle but not wide sections when movement may occur,.

NO< NO<NO<NO<NO ..........
.NO , NEVER......great for stab legs but not for support of vehicle on their own...DO NOT USE

Now this is given as a guide only if you are unsure then don't try it, have help at hand, don't do it alone or use dodgy gear, while a simple task you could kill yourself or damage your vehicle...the onus is on you..............Keep Safe.
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