Travelling the Gibb River Road


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May 18, 2016
No significant water crossings for the van when we did it a week ago.
Pentecost crossing was dry, some water on the way into ElQuestro and Emma Gorge but remainder dry. Was water on entry to ElQuestro Gorge itself but you don’t take vans there just 4wds with snorkels
If you want significant water on the van wheels (in the door ?) do Ivanhoe Crossing. I wasn’t keen to do it with the van but some others we met did.


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May 9, 2014
Palmyra, WA
we are looking to go too, in count down 5 days. Was gonna skip it originally by going via Halls Creek, but that burning desire says.... go for it. But other half is concerned about water levels and water in van on some crossings. We tow a 20.64 outback. 14 wks of LS leave... WOOHOO bring it on! Any advice for us novices.
took a 21-64 on it in 2016. Just do it. Got no water in our van at all. My only advice is store pots and pans on the bottom cupboards/draws. I forgot, and baccarrat saucepans were a tad heavy for the pot draw. (only the bracket holding the runners broke though, not the actual draw.)
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