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Sep 26, 2010
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Thanks Cruza. The magic thing is, the car has never had a polish from new purchase in March 2007. We paid to have the dealer do the paint protection, window tint, underbody rust protection and seats scotchguarded but only after the price was dropped (in stages) from $1800 to around $1200.

Not overly impressed with the rust proofing as they want around $70-$80 each year to check and spot repalce. but thye reat has been worth it. The alloy bar always looks good from a distance, in fact,k the further away, the better it looks.


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Aug 20, 2011
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Thats awell setup Hilux Stone stomper. A credit to you. Mate a question to you. The roof rack is it an ARB ? Secondly did you make the boat system on it ? Reason being I am looking for a good system & quality roof rack for when I order my 76 series Landcruiser that will accomadate a 385 Quinny Explorer.

Nice riggs all you people. Cruiser Driver, you really do get around mate. Good on ya.

Stone Stomper

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Jul 2, 2011
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Hi Doggy,

Thanks mate, the rack is home made copy of ARB with internal steel bars that go to the floor of the ute as the canopy is only plastic.

Yes I also made up the boat loader, just two steel cross bars with those boat rollers at the back and one removable one on the front of the tinny so that it rolls along a centre steel tube. I changed the steel winch cable to that plasma rope so it does not scratch the car.

With the 76 I have heard they are going to stop making them as we looked at them early this year and then was told about the base 200LC taking it's place, the dealer phoned me yesterday and said the production starts September.


The pictures show manual but auto only and barn doors, vinyl floors, 5 seater, twin tanks, key start, steel wheels

167341_497484759066_715124066_6105031_3367170_n.jpg 0mzrh29c3wz2b9gjdfi.jpg clnx91m5nwnwsinq3qdn.jpg nl57jrujkdylox3ggjc5.jpg

v05d60msf16vifx5jqv9.jpg ydifnytw5c26x8evolhl.jpg


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Aug 20, 2011
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Thanks stomper for that. I am a cruiser man thru & thru. Had the 60 series Sahara wagon then moved to the 75 & later the 79 series tray tops.
I have to say I really dont like the way toyota have gone with there wagon ( 200 ) I have looked high & low for a 100 series factory turbo auto but to my dissapointment cannot find what I want for the price everyone is asking. They are so holding there resale value tight , as is the 79 series ute that they are now the most wanted item in the Toyota range.


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Jul 22, 2011
boat attachment to your car

Hi ,I have the same sort of setup were my tinny goes on the roof of my dual cab.I see in one of your photo's that you have something that attaches the nose of your boat and that you hook on to your tow ball, I have the wheels just getting it around like that would be good .Can you buy these some where .Thanks Grego