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Nov 7, 2019
Hi Guy's, I've been into camping my whole adult life (parents couldn't stand it) and now with a young family of my own, my wife and I bought a 2010 Swan in 2013 IIRC and have loved "glamping" with the kids at various caravan parks around VIC and NSW. We both run businesses and we aren't keen on taking the kids out of school, so up until now most of our trips have been 7-10 trips during school holidays. Funnily enough we bought our Ford Territory tug 2.5 years before finally getting around to buying a van and have since used a VF SSV Redline Commodore and now a Volvo XC60 as tugs. As we only tow a few times a year, and are sports car nuts, a dedicated heavy duty tug was too big a leap to make, so we'll save that for our eagerly awited Grey Nomad big lap, but that's still at least 12-15 years away.

We'd like to do more short trips with the kids and hoping we can find a van which is better suited to quick set up, pack up, so we've started researching Expanda's and I'm going to look at 1 in a few hours.


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Mar 31, 2014
Another melb member very good welcome you mite have a cruiser before you know it cause there should be a sticker on the campers you will soon bye an expanda lol anyway great times ahead we just went to Little desert nat park great spot
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