Journey new Jayco Journey 22.68-1 Outback 2019


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Jul 31, 2019
Hi @Dean81
Van looks great! How are you finding it?
We bought a 19ft Journey Outback on the week, looking forward to its arrival in October.
Noticed your towing with a 200 series? How have you found that? Did you get a GVM upgrade or similar?
Would be curious to hear how the vans going :)


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Nov 18, 2012
Brisvegas, Qld
@slachlan hey mate. The van is heavier, but tows much better than our previous expander. Unfortunately We have only used it for 3 short trips so far, but loving it. Using it again over September school holidays, which will be our first long trip stay in it. The only mod so far was upgrading and re-running the plumbing. Jayco had excess pipes in place, that are restrictive and slower draining, deleted those and ran my own.

200 has been great, tows like a dream, with only some minor mods to get a small GVM upgrade. But we are in the market for a yank tank (chev 1500, when they finally build it) or a ram or something along those lines. In saying that, we have been very conservative in loading the van this time. We did a cull from old to new, and would of dropped 85-100kg of excess weight. It’s amazing how much stuff you carry and don’t need - we did the sticker trick - sticker everything, take off sticker if you used it and remove items out with the sticker still on that never got used

Overall van is awesome. We are away for a short trip this weekend. For a family of 4 it suits us too a tea. And we have an annexe now for when the friends want to come and stay also, for those longer trips
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