My 2014 16.49-3 Expanda Outback


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Jul 6, 2014
@Dotcom7 hi Dean. How is the positive air pressure set up going. Have you tested it on dusty roads yet. Also have you covered the vents or is the pump you use provide enough positive pressure.
Love your mods, might have to borrow a few.

Dave & Ros

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Feb 28, 2015
Lithgow nsw

A few more mods I have done.

Alarm system with Sat tracking, SMS Alert with door triggers.

View attachment 31944 Storage of Step ladder, broom, elec cables, water hoses on rear bead end

View attachment 31937 View attachment 31938 Sullage hose 2 x lengths in rear bumper bar

View attachment 31935 Camlock fittings on sullage hose outlets with plugs to seal off whilst travelling

View attachment 31939 The most important Mod van mounted stainless steel bottle opener

View attachment 31940 Hanging cupboard pantry shelving installed

View attachment 31941 Gas monitor that does LEL , Carbon monoxide

View attachment 31942 Croc bin outside

View attachment 31943 Full length storage door sliders both sides in access hatches
Where did you get the camloc fittings from, the mods look great


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Nov 22, 2012
Swan Valley Perth
@Dotcom7 I love where the broom is....

I left ours at home last weekend when we went to Dwellingup - forgot to put it back in side when loading up

that Sir is a great place to hide it

thank you


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Jan 18, 2013
Only had the Expanda a few months and we are loving it..Done quite a few trips mostly free camping andway to many Mods to list.. This modding thing is addictive. My wife thinks im having an affair with the van as i'm always working on it..
Here are a few pics..................
. View attachment 31891 Just picked up all nice and new....

View attachment 31889 All packed and ready for a 24 Mountain bike race weekend in Canberra
View attachment 31890 All setup bush camping on the water

Here are a few Mods I have done

View attachment 31892 Fabricated new Gas bottle holders to fit the Light weight waterproof Spacecase. It is home to the Webber Baby Q and all the cooking gear, Flat Pack fire pit, Fresh water hoses, awning tarps. Its amazing how much it holds and is water and dust proof.

View attachment 31893 Gas Bottle relocation

View attachment 31894 Space for Firewood where the spare tyre used to go which is now relocated at the back underneath with a winch setup.

View attachment 31895 2 x 100mm storage pipes for tent poles, awning bars etc

View attachment 31896 PVC foldup chairs under front bedend

View attachment 31897 Alarmed cable lock to lockup the BBQ, Bikes Chairs etc...

View attachment 31898 Awning protector Mod

View attachment 31899 Solar regulator, Inverter controller

View attachment 31900 View attachment 31901
Winch under chassis mounted for spare wheel storage

View attachment 31902 Extension bar to wind up and down spare tyre at side of van

View attachment 31903 Mounted to top of rear bar chassis mount using existing holes with longer bolts. No new holes needed to be drilled. Nice high fit to keep full rear clearance.
Projector IP2000 Inverter View attachment 31904

View attachment 31905
RVD safety switch The unit uses the active and neutral sensor wires to monitor any voltage detection and current flowing to the earth/sensor wire to provide true earth leakage protection when running a generator or inverter power

View attachment 31906
230AH Deepcycle AGM Battery. This thing is awesome for the power hungry running the microwave, charging all the i devices the kids have. Lighter and smaller than 2 x 110AH batteries.

View attachment 31907 View attachment 31908 View attachment 31909

Internal bilge blower system to stop dust getting in when travelling in the red dirt using a washable filter.

Also done all the usual mods like tidy up Jayco's poor 12v wiring, added USB and acc plug outlets throughout, water filter for drinking water, convert hanging clothes cupboard to pantry, Fridge fan internal and external Mod, cover all water pipes and wiring underneath with flex conduit and plumber pipe covering, 50+ John Guest circlips on all water pipes as jayco generally forget to put them in, bed end storm covers, various hooks and netting to store power cables, broom and ladder under rear bed end.

Ive been a busy boy but the vans almost ready for the big half lap i will be doing with the family in August.
Getting excited with only a few months to go before we depart.


Hi Dean,
Just wondering how the blower set up is working now you have had it a while?
Cheers Adam.