Silverline Jayco Adventurer 19' onto LC200 using Vehicle Components D035 and Hayman Reece WDH

Jan 13, 2017
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My father (82yrs) bought a new LC200 and 19' Jayco Adventurer and wanted me to set it up for him. Adventurer comes with D035 coupling which is a dedicated off-road coupling so using it with a WDH (which do not deal with verticle or cross hitch articulation well) is counter intuitive .... however he was unwilling to fit air bags and I assume a WDH is a bit safer on the road. (switching the coupling over .. say to a ball or McHitch negates warranty)

There are 2x recommended options from Vehicle Components for fitting to Hayman Reece systems. The issue (I think) is with the width of the Head flange from HReece ... it fouls the VC D035 hitch articulation ... so you either 1) bring the tow pin head bolt point 'out' with a small flange or 2) increase the height of the towpin (above the head flange).

Option 1 demands drilling a hole in your HR head - purchasing/fitting an adapter plate - using your (supplied) 7/8''ths (22mm) VC D035 Towpin

Option 2 demands - purchasing a new Towpin which is higher and 1 1/4'' (32mm)

We choose option 2 - the increased towpin height.
Jayco Adventurer 19' spec
Stock ball weight : 190kgs (but designed for weight in front box incl. Generator/BBQ)
Chassis: 6''

Part numbers are:
HR Drop Shank 95mm (#50152)
HR Head (#61241) this is for the 32mm VC D035 towpin (standard HR is 22mm)
HR Bush (#91241) this is a sleeve which coverts your 32mm towball hole to 22mm so if you want use a standard ball (22mm) it will fit (e.g. hiring a trailer)
HR Bars (#78003) w/ no shank - standard series (for 6'' chassis) and 800lb (275-365kgs ball weight)
Vehicle Components 1 1/4"pin :

We got a pretty good result. With the Head on the lowest setting (to the ground) on the 95mm drop shank; the chain one link from the top (second link) ... the Van is dead level but I think the LC200's rear has to raise about 3cm to get it's stance back to standard (as recommended by HR). This would require going to the HR 160mm drop shank which I fear would gouge a few service station entrances/exits. The van tows well with no sway.

I would see how it went without a WDH first using airbags - particularly if you are not increasing ball weight from standard (190kgs) significantly. This would allow it to be used off-road - that's an $800 test which could be used off-road (without WDH) if needed.

I think the medium HR bars (rated 135-275kg ball weight) would be sufficient (provided not too much weight in front box etc) but our local 4wd expert insisted on the Heavy ones.

The 1 1/4'' hitch pin is the biggest bolt/nut I have ever tackled (32mm) - I had to go out and buy a bigger shifter. We must have put 250-300nm through it to get it tight. That's about as hard as you can with a 3' breaker bar. There is a semi-circular hitch pin holder (rather than using stilsons as you would with a ball) which comes with the VC kit with the van - you need to use that to hold the pin while torquing it up. I also painted the nuts for location if they ever move it will be easily visible.

Further warning:
I am not van set-up expert - this is just what we did... for your consideration.

Sorry no pictures ... my father has left - no crashes yet.

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Jan 13, 2017
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I was going to say you can use the WDH with the DO35 as long as it's the V3, however seems you got it sorted with the purchase of the optional pin
Yes that's why I posted - we stuffed it up initially as the VC website was a little confusing and the HR website didn't have the pin/ball bolt diameters so we ended up with 32mm hitch pin and 22mm HR head. Should have got you involved earlier!