16' Series Inverter Recommendation

Oct 12, 2015
Hey All,

I'm looking at installing a 2000W inverter in my 16.49.30OB... mainly to run the coffee machine when are free camping.

Have 2x 100a batteries fitted already..

Looking for recommendations on brand and ideas on where to install :)



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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
I have a 2500/5000w Genpower pure sinewave inverter. Reasonably cheap, runs the aircon .... for a few minutes, anyway :o

The Princess uses the hairdryer occasionally. Has been reliable, although its not a daily appliance.

Ive got a 20.63.1OB and its in the front tunnel boot mounted, vertically on the internal wall. Our club lounge is directly behind that spot so it was easy run the battery cables straight through to the battery under the couch. Access to the inverter is simple from the offside tunnel boot hatch. I have a permanent GPO wired from the inverter and mounted next to the Setec inside the van.

I can also open the tunnel boot hatch, run a short lead from the inverter, externally, to the van GPO mains input and power the whole van, particularly handy for the microwave. I can find some pics if that will help

@mfexpanda has a similar, but much more integrated setup in his Silverline (the biggest, shiniest and most luxurious van. I once almost got a look inside, but unfortunately didnt have slippers and I hadn't had a shower in the previous 5min, so I missed out)
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