Discovery insulation and dust control

Aug 25, 2018
hi everyone ,we have just finished our end of trip clean out which involved removing all the insulation batts from around the fridge ect and pulling out all the foam dust plugs from inside all the cupboards and after dealing with the fibre glass itch got to thinking there must be something better, well we found a product called WOOLCOOL which is wool felt in plastic bags made for the food industary ect, you can either use it in the strip bag or remove and pack around your fridge , floor/cupboard holes in fact any where dust can enter,easy as and no itch. now we have a good few left over as they come in a bale of 80 strips any one in brisbane or redlands wants some send me a message and you can pick some up no charge as we got them on the cheap look at the WOOLCOOL website for a discription happy travels