Holden Man's new van - Lotus Freelander


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Aug 21, 2012
Brisbane - Carindale
I just recently got my new business cards, 1,000 of them, and, seeing as I drove past your new van every day it was in the yard I was going to call in and put one under every thing and in every cupboard I could find, but even I couldnt do that to you. Its a biggen even behind those 2 1/2 Jeeps :)
Yer mate she's a Biggen Alright, the Cruiser knows she's there....:)
The jury is still out on WDH....still in the back of my mind.


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Jan 24, 2011
Hey mate looked at these at the Sydney show on Saturday . Damn nice van well done. For us it will be a struggle between the goldstream, crusader, Kokada and these I reckon when the time comes?

What was interesting to us was we left the Jaycos till last. The Jayco finish or lack off it is really starting to show IMO. And some of the other suppliers like new age and goldstream are starting to build in batches with minuim models and minimum customization like jayco and getting the prices competitive