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Luke w

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Feb 5, 2020
G’day expanda’s.
New to the thread and looking at buying our first van. Looking for an Expanda with bunks for the kids and dual slide outs. Was wondering if someone could shed some light on the bed ends being hard covered ( post 2011 ish). Is it worth the extra money to get the hard cover later model van? I’m interested to hear peoples experiences with both the hard lid and canvas cover models. The budget supports an earlier canvas cover van, but I’d prefer to save some extra pennies and buy a later model if the soft tops have leaking issues. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to chase some adventure.


Aug 16, 2016
Secret Harbour WA
We had the canvas type covers (with a Flamingo), however wnated to ensure we got hard covers for the beds when we purchased the Expanda. Less poles, ropes and pegs to worry about as we had the extra covers over the bed ends. Also i think the hard cover provides more protection from the heat of the sun.


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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
Welcome @Luke w. Will this be your 1st van?

Hard lids were std on all 2009 models, and im pretty sure the last of 2008s. The hard lid will reduce condensation, the soft top will require flys to reduce condensation. Soft tops can have sealing issues when they are closed ie when in storage and when being towed in rain. The soft tops were the same basic design as the windup campers which have been around since the mid 70s, so there was many many years to get them right. Some of the earlier hard lid models had leak issues, along with sagging tent sections where water leaking through the hard lid hinge will pool on the vinyl top of the bed end. We had a 2009 16.49.1, and i made Jayco re-make the rear bed end tent section tighter due to the potential for pooling, we didnt have the hinge leaking issue.