20' Series Grasshopper Antiflap kit


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Dec 17, 2017
Terrey Hills NSW
Hi all
Has anyone used the Australian made Grasshopper antiflap kit,as I see it there is two types of clamping systems use in antiflap kit ,Grasshopper and Supa Peg both use 6 plastic clamps to hold the fabric.Where the other manufactures use a full length clamping system to hold the fab.



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Nov 7, 2013
My anti flap kit uses the full length clamp system (forget the brand) it does require you to have your barrel in a precise position so it will work correctly and not pull at the vinyl but not that hard to do once you get the hang and it holds the awning down very well in inclement weather.. A pain to store..... I only use it for long stays otherwise just peg rope and one clamp each end..
Jul 20, 2018
Gawler SA
Have had the Grasshopper anti-flap setup for a couple of years now and found it to be a good unit. It is a bit of a pain to put on but it does the job really well.
Storage can be a problem and we have a dedicated PVC pipe to carry it around so that we don’t have to dismantle it while travelling.

With the kit and a couple of tie down points we can leave our awning out while others scurry around putting theirs in at the first sign of a breeze.
Last time we were at Port Lincoln Caravan Park I had just finished setting up the awning with side and end shades, tie down straps and the anti-flap kit when a stiff southerly sprung up. Every other van in the park raced around taking their awning in but me being a stubborn bugger and because it would have been risky to take it all down again at that point left it setup for the night. The result was that it rode out the night easily but without the anti-flap kit it might have been a different story.
So yeah I reckon they are a good piece of gear, expensive but good.

Fully expect that one day I’ll over estimate its capabilities and end up with the awning on the other side of the caravan park.:(;)