Gas heaters


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Jul 7, 2013
Sunbury VIC.
@Disco Duck, I lifted this from another website, maybe it is of interest.
If it gets down to -15C you would also have to consider adding petrol to your truck sump!
Thankfully we don't live in the northern hemesphere.

If no special cold weather diesel fuel is available for low temperatures, mix kerosene, paraffin or gasoline according to the adjacent table. A separate tank is available from the Eberspächer dealer.
For use with Separate Fuel Tank Only
Temperature Winter Additive

Diesel Oil
From 0ºC to -15ºC** 100% -
From -15ºC to -25ºC 50% 50% kerosene or petrol
From -25ºC to -40ºC - 100% kerosene*
* or special winter diesel oils.
** or in accordance with fuel manufacturer’s specifications.
The fuel line and the fuel pump must be filled with new fuel by operation for 15 minutes.
Good one John. I'm hoping to never get less than -15
I don't know how some machinery could operate on 50% petrol. There is no lubricating properties in petrol and very little in kerosene and the injectors and little pumps on the heaters, rely on the diesel for lubrication. So now you have to add an additive


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Nov 7, 2013
Cooloola Coast, QLD
In Australia it really isn't a problem due to our temps and our fuel supply areas ............... Just one cold night if your using the heater won't cause a drama, its continual nights way below freezing that cause the problems of fuel waxing and slowly choking fuel lines and filters, not as some perceive of the fuel freezing solid, well not diesel anyway .... engine sumps that are continually out on the minus temps, like an Oshkosh fire engine in Canberra will have a heater in the sump plugged into 240 so the oil is nice and warm when you hit the starter and tramp the Go peddle nothing at all to do with fuel waxing.


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Jan 18, 2016
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Thanks @Crusty181 - I don't think I have a Gas supply issue - the fridge/HWS/stove seem to work first time every time. However I also don't try these in the middle of the night, when temp is at it's coldest and when the heater gets the error.

Just curious if there are any other gas heater users who have camped un sub zero and left the heater running over night.
I have the Truma vario heat eco gas heater in our 22.68.2 OB and have used it bellow 0 deg with no problems at all.