Funny, Dodgy photos.


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Nov 7, 2013
Cooloola Coast, QLD
It is hard to believe what some people do and then wonder why they have issues.
Damn idiots, blind Freddy would know the beer would froth and spit with it strapped to the back, should have been on the draw bar, wouldn't shake the beer up.....Genny running on the rear bar, fridge on the front, nongs.
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Mar 31, 2014
Nice one @crackacoldie i like it but same time i dont this is why we may all be checked one day i mite be over a bit on paper but dont look it and still cruse on 110 ks imagin if he had an accident fridge sliding across the road into someone there are people here with full box freezers and full fridges in annex mind you they live up the road .......
No pics but did see a Bayliner trying to get a Kyack that was foating out to sea in the outgoing tide in the rapids and waves in the mouth of the lake system he gave up bloke then running down the rock wall my kyack ...... last i saw it was past rock wall floating in large swell if you go your beach in morning you mite find one
I said to misses if he jumps in to get it he deserves to go with it fools everywhere
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