16' Series Drawbar Storage, Toolbox

Micky G

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Mar 11, 2019
Romsey, Victoria
Hey everyone, I have recently bought a 2004 jayco expanda 16ft and very new to the whole caravaning thing. I am curious as to what you all are doing or have done about changing the standard 2 x 3.7kg gas bottles on the draw bar and the spare wheel that seems to be in a horrible spot and encourages rust. I am currently thinking about moving the spare wheel under the van with a pulley system like that on ford ute and then putting a toolbox on the drawbar and then having the gas bottles inside. So apart from the restrictions of the bed folding out is the anything I need to consider? I am only looking for some extra storage for annexe mate and chairs etc.
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Mick Graham
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Mar 31, 2014
Well hellow mick and welcone to what i call the expanda collictive a group of people who love there vans places they go and people they meet and mods they do
I dont have a tool box but will be getting one at some stage there has been posts put up about this if you do a search you will find most of the info you need id say......... search trip reports for my report and many others there too ....
@Crusty181 has the biggest tool box ive eva seen on a van most impressive ....
Once you learn how to use this if i can do it im sure you can youll be right .....
Oh mick is another person ive interduced to the fourm another sticker for my van wow that that must be 15 to 20 people ok maybee 10
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Nov 7, 2013
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Welcome and you will find some great mods on the site....................just have to dig around a little bit.

Moving the spare is very common either a wind up ute winch under the back or on a pot off the rear bar, I did both but found the wind up underneath preferable and in the space between the draw bar I made a rack out of weldmesh and thats where I chucked my hoses and stuff....
Tool boxes on the front, many have done them and there are some fine examples of combining the tool box with gas bottles on the ends, I don't like them on the bar that much as it just ends up with too much weight and if you put the gas bottles inside then it requires separate compartment and just cost heaps for relatively little gain and if you don't watch out you will hit it with the back of your tug, rule of thumb is you need a min of 900mm clearance from the centre of tow hitch/ball............................

Someone will correct me but I think we have one of those vans on here that got a fantastic refurbish.