Crusty's 20.63.1OB


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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
for a Victorian you have some smart ideas @Crusty181 ( I still don't understand why you need a heater)
We're plonked at Halls Gap for a few days in the Grampians. Beautiful arrival weather yesterday ..... diesel heater on this morning. Its cold and drizzly. You may be picking up a theme. Victorias weather is unique, and even in summer "cold" is always around the corner


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Mar 15, 2013
Beaconsfield, Vic
Even on the road im punch'in out mods. Fitted this First Alert gas alarm.

Its ugly and huge, but has a tiny weenie power requirment. (even more so because its technically not quite connected to the battery yet)
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(its one of those tricky 3D images... looking closely some people can see a diesel heater outlet)

Well done mate! Is that a DEISEL HEATER OUTLET??


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Jun 18, 2014
Also like that idea!

And.....what's a diesel heater? Are they effective? Never heard of one....or, maybe, just a few times.
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Nov 7, 2013
Cooloola Coast, QLD
So heater outlet above plastic LPG detector, does something ring bells here ?????????????:boink:

While bolting the Super Colorado back together I found just the bit of tube to construct a couple of "CDLSDWFLS" for The Tardis and SIL's Swan.

Mmmmmm. "SupaRado", might be a new name for truck !!!!!!!!!

Have a great time away Mr Crusty181 and make sure you enjoy yourselves.....................:couch2:


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Sep 28, 2015
Ive invented these things as part of my multi point van security armament. I figure the more small things i can do, the more inconvenience i create and the more likely that crooks will leave my van alone ..... and focus on someone elses
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Theyre certainly more effective on slopping sites, but they will work to some degree everywhere.

More often than not, a site will slope in one direction or another. The site we're currently on slopes down toward the back, and the front of the van (and hitch) is only 200mm off the ground.
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Locking the "Crusty Drop Leg Super Dooper World Famous Lock System" onto the rear drop leg winder, evil turds cant lift the hitch onto a car, because the stablising legs cant be wound up. If the site slopes to the front, they attach to the front winders stopping the hitch from being lowered onto a car
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Ill also remove my jockey wheel and use a car stand in its place ...
Just a quick question
What happens if they just pull the Red catch and hit the leg (just tested that on mine) the leg just flips and then they can raise the front
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