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Sep 26, 2010
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The forum is a great place for the exchange of ideas and we all love to make modifications to our vans as there are endless ways they can be improved and individualised.

However we must also realise that there are regulations requiring certain standards to be met both for our own (and family) safety as well as appeasing government departments. These regs may seem ‘over the top’ in some cases but in many cases they are legally binding and you ignore them at your peril.

We do have members on the forum with specific qualifications such as motor mechanics, electricians, plumbers, refrigeration, gas fitters to mention a few but even these tradies have to be careful what they say and recommend on public forums. As administrators and moderators, the last thing we want to do is act as censors or fun police, restricting what can be said on the forum, so if a member identifies themself as qualified in a particular area please take note of any advice. As we all know, advice is just that and we can take it or leave it.

Some cases in point are the electrical discussions on 10-15 amp connections and use of ‘Amp-fibian’ devices and lately the addition of extra gas connections. Regulations cover both these situations so posting on the forum how you got around the system with your mod may not be the best idea. Kudos to the tradies who point out the problem and possible consequences.

We do not intend to restrict the discussions in any way. The point of this post is just to make you more aware that ‘just because it is on the internet doesn’t mean it is accurate or true’
Not open for further replies.