ACT Canberra - Capital Country Holiday Park


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Jul 4, 2011
Called it ACT buts its just over the border in NSW off the Federal Highway.

At the Vic caravan show this year they had a stand and we had a bit of chat. The chap talked it up and all sounded pretty good, and as we were heading to ACT after Easter we booked there.

They definitely prefer on-line bookings only. The web site says so, but we did call to book and got put on hold and then 'disconnected'. No one would answer the phone when we called back. Ok, booked online. 100% payment upfront, then you get repeated emails advertising your booking insurance available for $16 for 48 hrs after the booking. But you keep getting them for days after. Cost was a reasonable $43 a night, and was no additional charge for the kids. Park is pet friendly.

Park is pleasant enough. As you come in there is a nice reception building. Dunno what else is in the building cos it closes at 5pm each day so by the time we get back from a days outing , its closed. Straight after reception are 24 drive through caravan sites with well established vegetation between and an amenities block on one side, and mini-golf, jumping pillow, pool, fire pit, tennis court, camp kitchen on the other with another amenities further back behind all that. After that are many cabins (for single rental and for school groups) and the permanent residences. Finally is what feels like an overflow caravan area of another 6 or so spots and camping. (Theres also a lake but not really conveniently accessible by anyone)

We got assigned to the 'overflow' area, not that the other spots were full. Still drive though, and very wide - could fit two vans in each. Sites are gravelled but not a lot of vegetation for shade, and sloping that the tow bar was just off the ground. This area is also closest to the highway by so there was a bit of road noise which probably wouldn't be the case at the other spots as they are 100m further away with a buildings and trees adding extra buffer. But the other spots are very narrow, less than the width of the van and annex, and closer together so maybe susceptible to neighbour noise from a loud tv. Maybe?

We were quite a distance from the school group cabins (closer to the other caravan sites) so heard nothing from the groups staying there at the same time. Evening brings the wallabies into the park and lots of rabbits.

Amenities are dated and a bit on the small side (3 showers/2 wc) but functional, very large showers and generally clean. With everyone having showers in vans now, there was still no queuing.

Overall, pleasant enough but nothing too grand. Well priced. 3/5

But....then they burst a water pipe during the night and had to shut down water for half the park (our half). This included the non-group cabins and one of the amenity blocks. Ok, these things happen. But some communication would be good. Late the next day I rang reception and asked what the go was. "oh, yes. Should be fixed within an hour" We got back to the park at 8pm, still off. If we hadn't a full water tank we'd have had no drinking or cooking water (non-shower van so ok there) I'd like to have seen reception contact and ask if people were ok for water. Closest shop is a petrol station and no supermarkets nearby. Some others received text messages advising no water, but others (inc us) didn't. So all a bit unclear from poor communication. Amenities then also needed to be used by those in the cabins too.

On our departure day, we weren't out by 10am as we are a bit slow, had no water and the working amenities were a ways off, the final insult was the power shut off at 10.00am precisely.

Previously we've used what is now Alivio Tourist Park ($52 a night and drive though sites, pool etc) and we'll head back there again in futurer than Capital Country.


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Jul 6, 2014
Thanks for the review. Sounds like some good features but look to be outweighed by the bad.
Alivio is our go to park in ACT however we have only stayed there twice over the Australia Day long weekend for the last two years.


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Feb 18, 2018
Good to know. We just booked a stay at Alivio - yes it is more expensive but sometimes you pay for quality and convenience. Figure we will balance it out with some free nights on the trip.


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Jan 24, 2013
wollondilly nsw
Went to stay at Bungendore last school hols, but it was chockas with horse people, then went onto Braidwood, not too far away, stayed at showground. Another horse event on but plenty of room for vans, powered site with water only $25.00 per night , great amenities block, relatively new and clean. We stayed 3 nights, Horse people left on the sunday, so was a weekend event. Fire pits and plenty of firewood for free or (left behind by horsie people) Queanbeyan CP looked pretty dodgy.
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