Battery charging / management Setec alternatives


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Jun 18, 2014
Ok. Another one of my questions.

This refers to non Jayco no Setec.....vans.

I know some have added, adjusted various battery management systems so thought I'd tap into the brains trust in this area to confirm my research and pondering.

New van will be coming at some stage...more on this later if it progresses. As standard, manufacturer installs a Projecta DC to DC for solar input and charging from vehicle. 25 amp I think.

240v charger, as supplied, is also a Projecta but 7 amp. Adequate but a bit light on for one battery but inadequate for the two batteries we're ordering. We will install a Projecta 25 amp IC2500 for that. Apart from where the batteries will be installed I think we are sorted.

I know there are alternative brands...a new Waeco 25amp, Ctek etc ...but we've opted for Projecta as we've always found their stuff to be good and reliable and wanted to keep the installation consistent.

So.....the question.

Is there anything else we should be considering with the setup? We've been reluctant to add the second battery to the build but the Thetford fridge and various other items will challenge one battery and we've never had a second onboard battery and the factory don't do the upgrades. Hence, my pondering.

We should end up with
  • Adequate and easy 240v charging
  • Adequate and easy solar charging
  • Appropriate wiring size from the start
  • Adequate and easy battery management
  • Roof solar to provide main 12v while mobile, not charging from car
  • Car has isolator so that's covered if we do it
  • Car has dual battery system but totally separate from anything the van requires
  • ESC will be wired to a dedicated Anderson plug so it can be disconnected easily while travelling
  • Fridge 12v requirement for stupid electronic panel is covered ..gas for non grid power
  • External will have dedicated Anderson plug so that's covered
This is a bit rambling but I started to doubt whether we had it covered yesterday.

Any thoughts?