Bank of Dad's New Van!


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Feb 24, 2013
Looks great BoD !!! Bet your about to explode with excitement mate! Just one thing I would be a little worried about the light ball weight going from previous experiences. Around 200kg would be better imo. Happy to pm you more details if you wish.
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Bank of Dad

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Jul 20, 2011
Kilmore, VIC
I said I'd put some interior shots on the page.....better late than never.

Very comfortable van. In 40 degree heat, the aircon gets the interior down to 25. Off grid away from 240v, all works fine now. We did have an issue with some electrical interference coming through the speakers when using the stereo in sunny conditions when the solar was kicking out big numbers. JB have been great. Worked methodically through the problem, replacing solar regs, different speakers and stereos. Finally isolated it down to a 'shielding' issue from the solar and the stereo. Replaced with a marine grade Fusion 700.....all ok. Other minor niggles sorted, no dramas at all.

Tows nicely now we have sorted out what's normal for big vans and I know what's what. My Ranger XLT pulls the 2800 kg well, 2000 rpm in 5th gear producing a healthy 90/95 kph and 18l/100 km. Our Territory towed our 2200 kg 17.56-2 returning 15l/100 km by way of comparison.

If you're looking at an alternative to a Silverline, I thoroughly recommend JB.

Love this's like an apartment on wheels.


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