Are NSW school holidays busy end of term 1


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Aug 23, 2011
Sunshine Coast Qld
We are planning a 4/5 week journey down the NSW coast from the Sunshine coast next year. We had planned to leave after our term 1 school holidays to avoid the the crowds but have discovered NSW schools will be on holidays then. How busy are the caravan parks along the coast in those holidays?. Having kids around doesn't worry me at all (I work in a school) I was just wondering if we would have trouble getting into parks. Our plan is to not have a plan and just try not to be locked into booking set dates. Any info greatly appreciated.


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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
School holidays can be really fickle. Over the last handful of years we've experienced both boom and bust. A couple of years ago we were booked in Surfers for 2 weeks over xmas/new year and the Main Beach C/park was at best 20% occupied, it was really weird. I would think if your were going to have widespread issues it would likely be limited to Xmas and Easter. The other holiday periods Id be prepared to roll the dice, but you'd need to have a plan "B", just in case. School holidays arent peak periods as far as tariffs go, so that's a strong indication
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Jun 28, 2017
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Some Caravan parks wouldn't book you in unless your staying for more than 3 nights during peak times. We had been turned down at Big4 Coffs Harbour because we just wanted to stay for 2 nights during school holidays, it had a minimum stay of 4 nights:( So we ended up staying to the town CP and it wasn't crowded at all:). Maybe steer clear on caravan parks with jumping pillows or water slides during these times:D
Jul 31, 2016
We travelled for 4 weeks over Dec - Jan last year (ie early 2017). There was only one place where we tried and could not get in (Crescent Head Caravan park) but they referred us to Waves which was way better anyway...

Between Xmas and News Years can be insanely busy, especially within 3-4 hours of sydney and the first week of Jan is not much better but it starts to thin out after that. If you are leaving then, i would consider coming down via the bush (ie great dividing range) for the first week or so then hit the coast after that.

Just take an app like wikicamps and work roughly 3-5 days ahead and you'll be fine


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Jan 24, 2013
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Hi @jdove the Easter break is from Friday 30 March through to Monday 2 April, and NSW school hols are from 14 April thru to 30 April, Most tradies will try and get away in the Easter break, so the NSW School hols mighten be too crowded, I should know as im a teacher here and my son is a tradie.