14' Series Adding Hot water Service

Nov 29, 2018
Morning all.

Quick question:

Is it possible to add a Hot water service to a Jayco 14.44-4 as a later option. If os what’s the best way to do it? Are there any after market products that are better than the Jayco Hot water service?
Feb 1, 2016
That is exactly what we did.

We slotted the factory hot water service into the location that made for them. the Camec instant unit looks good but is gas only. I guess it depends if you primarily free camp or in caravan parks.

It goes under the front dinette seat. that location is completely unused and hard to access normally.

We chose the Suburban HWS as it is used at the factory and runs 240v/Gas. After it was done you couldn't tell it wasn't done at the factory. Check the pic in the other thread. You can see it on the side of the van
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