Adamas Caravans

Nov 15, 2016
Meridan Plains
Could be interesting...I like the flexibility bit.

The price points will probably give more information. How did you hear about them?

Hi Dobbie,
There was a review in the AC+RV magazine (still on the shelves) and it had a pretty good wrap. Price point (in my opinion) is on the higher side... but the fittings are top brands. I think because it's customisable, you can probably cut costs by subbing out accessories you don't think you'l need. But I do like the big fridge that it comes with the standard layout hehe!


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Sep 2, 2014
Queanbeyan NSW
One extra that I was not sure of, but after using it for one year was the largish Waco compressor fridge. We had a 90l fridge in our Avan and though the much bigger fridge +200l may be overkill, but it is great place to store veggies, etc and is really nice to have.