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Apr 23, 2013
Perth WA
is any one towing a 23.6 basestation with a petrol 200 series landcrusier?. I would be keen to know what the fuel consumption is.
I tow with a Landcruiser 100 series petrol v8 which has the same engine ,the van I have is a starcraft 19 foot outback and I use between 26 and 28 ltr per 100 km.The van fully loaded is 2900kg.


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May 9, 2014
Palmyra, WA
I've got a 200 series (2016), but it is diesel. I didnt think they made them in petrol, maybe a really early model????
I tow our panda (3.1T max weight) with it and it is fine. It works going up hills, but the power is there. Also towed it across the gibb and did 23500km in 2016 with no issues other than it got a bit squishy driving to our campsite in the daintree. (those roads are built for a mini). Our consumption is anywhere from 17L/100km to 22L/100km and the car is jam packed full of kids with at least 1 kayak on the roof or it had 2 full 20L jerrys , tents, swags , max trap and 2 spares one on top and another hanging off the rear. Our neighbours pull their van (slightly lighter) with a petrol patrol and get in the 20's for towing.
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Sep 14, 2013
Emerald Qld
They are a bit thirsty. I had a 200 series petrol that I towed our 20.64 expanda with. We averaged around 32 l/100 towing at the speed limit, with the worst being 42l/100 going across the Barkly Tableland at 110 - 115 kmph, belting into a headwind. Didn’t seam to matter how I drove it 30 l/100 was about as good as it got( without driving too slow at 90 kmph).
This average was over several trips across Qld, the NT and NSW over about 20000 km. We now have a Y62, towing the same van driving the same way I get 24-25 l/100.
Hope this helps