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Dec 22, 2009
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Hi everyone,

You may notice some new things happening....

Ill leave the spoiler to you to find but one thing which I wanted to talk about was "Weekly Digest".

There is alot of activity on the forum as we all know so a nice and simple way to keep up to date is through a breakdown of the week that was and was deemed by the magical robots that was important.

In the next few days you will receive an email with the most favourable / important threads of the week.

This will continue weekly, I am still fiddling with the date and time but it will be over the weekend.

You can then simply catchup on anything you missed during the week as the email will list 20 threads you can jump into and see what was going on!

If for some reason you want to opt out of this digest either do so from the email that comes out or click the link in the below image.


If you have any concerns about the digest please send me a conversation directly.

As with all things this is simply about making life easier and keeping up to date when things are busy on the site, life is busy or similiar.
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Sep 28, 2015
I just noticed the Notice on the right
"Are you going to Melbourne Leisurefest 2016?" problem is when you click on it you are directed to the Post but it logs you off.
It will be in the linking code as I had a issue with my website years ago doing the same thing
It links to

If you change it to
it will not log you off

Stupid code it should not make any difference as the www was rendered irrelevant years ago but when you do it in a forum that you have logged into it will see it as a new user.

I hope that makes sense.