Wanting to buy a 2016-2017 Outback 14.44-4

Nov 29, 2018
Hey all, first-time poster on here, looks like a great forum.

We're wanting to buy a Jayco Expanda Outback 14.44-4 in a late model either 2016-2017 in very good to excellent condition.

If any of you are thinking of selling or know someone who may be selling, please let us know.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Headingoutdoors, I have just ordered a larger new van and will be selling my 2014 14.44-4 OB after the Christmas holidays. I can't sell prior as I already have bookings and new van is not ready until March. Take a look at my site here as it has all the modifications I have done to improve it http://www.expandasdownunder.com/threads/craigandteena-14-44-4-ob.6125/
Van is still in excellent condition. The only additional mods I have done not on my site is extended the top bunk as my oldest has grown too long and removed the clothes hanger and made it a full shelf cupboard.
Contact me if interested. Thanks.