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Dec 22, 2009
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Site Update 2015

Today marks a monumental change in the site as we officially turn on a new look and feel and provide a lot of new features.

I am not going to outline new features one by one as there is just to many to list!

To give you a hint one new feature you can now use is the ability quote messages by simply selecting the text.

To try this out by using your mouse to select some text in a message and you can either quote direct or add it to multi quote.

In terms of the new site colours / options there is basket of new features but to give some background we have gone through this change as a first step to a bigger change coming later in the year / early in the new year with the core forum software we use.

This changes gives us the capability to maintain pace as these changes where as the later look / feel did not.

The colour scheme has been hotly debated by @cruza driver @relgate @chartrock @Moto Moto @Bushman and is aligned to certain colour schemes which you should pick up fingers crossed.

We hope you like it!

Media Gallery

The other bigger feature to use which I will talk more about is the Media Gallery.

This Media Gallery gives you the ability to load media to the site such as pictures,YouTube videos etc much the same as you did before but with a host of other features like the below -
  • Create personal galleries of media only visible to yourself
  • Create galleries to share your media
  • Give descriptions to your media
  • Other people can like / comment on your media
  • Sort your media by gallery i.e trip / year / van / tow vehicle
  • Media can be inserted directly into threads so you don't need to remember where that photos is / was
  • You can view other peoples media if its made public
There is plenty more features but it simply opens up a whole other element of the forum.

Media will also display within the forum so it gives other users something interact with.

Please jump in and have go, at the moment we have set a 50MB limit on the media gallery whilst we asses storage vs user needs.

Once more people get in and have a go we will re asses what this means for the site.

Final Update

These changes have been on the cards for a long time.

A bit of work has been going on in the background and we hope you like them but please let us know if you need a hand with anything!


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Dec 22, 2009
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Will tapatalk be supported with this update?
Hey there, unfortunately at this stage we will not be supporting tapatalk.

The site is fully responsive, responsive means the site actually scales to your devices site.

In other words it resizes the site to the space on your device in real-time.


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May 7, 2013
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I dont like change...Looks too flash, colouring also similar to Facebook. Avatars are circles, it's cut out half my Jeep, can we have squares back please.

:sorry:That's my whinge overwith...
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Jul 18, 2012


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Nov 3, 2012
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Wow, just logged in for the first time today and the forum looks awesome! Great new look very flash indeed.
Well done to everyone who has worked so hard to get it all up and running. :)
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