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Nov 21, 2019
Bright, Vic
Hey All,

After having an issue with our old van last Christmas, resulting in the car and van having a sleep on their sides in the middle of the road, we decided to upgrade to a 2012 16' Expanda and we are loving it.


That was the last day of school 2018, not a good start to Christmas holidays, still got down to the beach two days later and back to the old tents. The wife was driving, i think the leaf spring came out of the rear mount, made lots of wobbles and very slowly and gently tipped us over. We where traveling in the other direction than the photo was taken, so the van went past us at about 10kph, maybe less. Both car (2002 v8 Disco II) and van where written off. Only injury was a little whip lash for my wife, which one session with a masseuse fixed up. Me and the two boys (6 and 10 at the time) where all fine. Also note the photos where only take after the Ambos had checked us all out, and give us a clean bill of health.

Still getting all the 12 volt stuff setup the way i want it, and working out if we need storm covers. I have also just found water damage in the roof (I've already read about resealing the roof).

I prefer the off grid camping, the wife insists on a toilet at the camp ground. The kids just love not being at home.

We have done a few shake down, 1 and 2 night trips, but very much looking forward to our first week long trip to Ocean Grove this Christmas, and hopefully getting there in one piece.

First big trip is planned for 18-24 months upto Queensland.

This is the new (to us) van and new car (2002 TD5 Disco), the wife said the Disco keep us safe in the accident, so we should get another one the same.


Oh and the old van is not going to waste, over the past 11 months i have stripped it back to the chassis, and am now rebuilding it into a canoe trailer for the local scout group.