My New Expanda Toolbox

Jan 16, 2012
Hi Folks, below are the plans for my new Custom Tool box for my 17-56-2 Expanda with extended Drawbar, will move the Spare to the rear and use box for Generator and other bulky light bits such as Groundsheets, tackle box, chainsaw etc, note I have side doors providing access to box when bed is down. Box being custom made and wil be ready next week, will post some photos. Suggestions Welcome..


May 31, 2012
Wangaratta, Vic
That looks awesome. Do you plan to put the gas bottles inside the box or move them forward / relocate? I think I will have a go at something similar to this one also. I am just a little paranoid about weight having read as many threads as I could find on this. I guess moving the spare wheel to the rear should in theory balance the weight of the box out.
Jan 16, 2012
I agree, I will need to manage the weight, My PLan is to put the GAs bottles inside (I gues I wil need to bottom vent the box for safety) possible only One Large Bottle to reduce weight but with the spare in the back it should balance things out and I am confident I will be within the 200KG BAll weight limit, including Generator and few odds and ends in the box. Will report back as soon as I install.. Cost of custom box will be $1100 including all seals & Heavy duty Locks..


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Mar 26, 2012
Hi kolega,

Your plan looks good, I have drawings simillar but my plan was to have the 9kg gas bottle inside on the right hand side with a access door on front then I could re-mount the water tap on that side of the box. I then planned to have a slide out drawer 1200 long on the left hand (annex) side, the drawer slides are from Ovesco and when extended fully can handle 100kg, that allows easy access to everything when bed is down.

However since then we decided to go the 18' expanda which has a huge front boot and will fit my gennie so project has been aborted! Looking forward to see your finished box.

Jan 16, 2012
OK for others that may be interested , I have attached another photo with the all dimensions. I am getting this box made by the Toolbox Center in Oakleigh VIC but they do have outlets Australia Wide.. My tool box arrives next week so would suggest you all wait so I can see how all the dimensions pan out and suggest any fine tunng or improvements. Also will post Photos so you can see how it looks on th expanda. I was very specific on teh design as I wanted a toolbox that is practical but not an eyesore on teh expanda, wish me luck..

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Jun 11, 2012
Your toolbox looks great, can't wait to see som pics.
I am also waiting on my toolbox to arrive but have gone for a slightly cheaper option with a std gullwing ute box. My plan is to turn it on its side so the doors will open sideways like yours for easy access when the beds are down.


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Mar 13, 2012
Macedon Ranges, Vic

Great design and thanks for sharing it.

This is almost identical to one our friends have on their Expanda, but theirs is not as wide and it looks fantastic.

Looking forward to the pics of the mod.

Hope you don't mind a little bit of plagiarism!

Cheers - Ro
Jan 16, 2012
Hi Folks, my toolbox has arrived and it looks and works well for me. I have relocated my spare to the back and based on my caluclations I will be withing the drawbar weight limits.

t1.jpg t2.jpg t3.jpg t4.jpg


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Jan 24, 2011
Hi Kolega very impressive. I started to modify an angled ute box avaiable from hare & Forbes but changed plans mid stream and am getting a custom box made. Not quite as big as yours and moving the LPG forward but definetly side doors. Hoping to put the BBQ on a slide with the genset on the other side.

Interested to hear how it works out and any issues. Did you draw that up? If so what software did you use?