Interior My diesel heater install

May 19, 2016
My overly complicated caravan install pictures. I wanted to mount it under the floor to save space and mix fresh air with cabin air. Pic1: The box has an inlet chamber on the left and open on the right to ease hot duct connection. The aluminium angle is used to attach to the underfloor. The side attached to the heater can be removed from the rest of the installed box for servicing. Pic 2: A simple tank mount that is hidden by the spare. Pic3: installed for testing but no ducting attached. Pic 4: Behind the door step I made a complicated cowling to pick up cabin air from an existing floor vent. Pic 5: I used 2 layers of carpet screwed to box with a bolt through just 1 layer. Seems quiet enough. Pic6: Now experimenting with a few layers of cleaning cloth to determine ratio of cabin/fresh. I have found this cloth to be a good cheap dust filter material in the aussie outback



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Nov 7, 2013
Cooloola Coast, QLD
Thats well thought out but I think your pump should be closer to the tank, I used 40mm PVC pipe for air intake for burner and 45mm pipe for the exhaust which cut the noise so it's now just a faint rumble, I have a vinyl cover for the fuel tank protect from the sun and cold.........I get a mix of fresh air as my intake is next to door vent and to reduce pump tick and stone damage I shielded the fuel line in clear tubing ..........

Maybe fit a rubber mud flap in front of box so the odd gooley doesn't bash it, mine has a metal shield in front of the bits that hang down and has a few hits on it.
Look forward to hearing how it all goes when finished off.