Melbourne to South Australia


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Jul 31, 2019
Hi Everyone
We are planning a trip from Melbourne across to South Australia over the Christmas holidays.
The general thought currently is;
Melbourne-Robe-Kanagroo Island-Eyre Peninsula and then back through the Flinders Ranges-Mildura and then home to Melbourne.
Would love to hear any recommendations along or nearby the route. And also, if a trip down the Yorke Peninsula is worth adding in.
This will be the first big trip in the new van and will be a mix of parks and free camping.
Thanks everyone :)
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Mar 31, 2014
Goolwa is a good spot can drive to murray mouth there 20 odd ks on the beach from the surf club

Kangaroo island very expensive to get there

Port elliot van park near goolwa and victor harbour is a great park in middel of both towns on the beach

Victor harbour a great spot heaps to do and see loverly place

Id rather do York peninsula than kangaroo lsland but thats just me i think islands are same as mainland but cost heaps more ???? But if you got time yes do york as well

I got bucket loads more i know it well sounds like a great trip Brighton beach van park is very good in Adelaide on the beach but smallish sites so choose wizely the other one near airport is ok much bigger park but more people not realy on the beach and a few planes takeing off

Turn off freeway at Tailembend head around the big lake make your way to goolwa go across murray on a barge its free and good to do and you miss the hills 15ks straight down drop into adelaide not easy on brakes
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