help: after some quick info re the Vic High Country

Jul 31, 2016
Hi all - hoping to tap the brains trust...

i am planning on hitting the high country this January for a look around. I will have the family in tow and the caravan. I am really after a recommendation on a couple of spots i can use as a base camp (ie leave van) and explore from. Something with a waterhole to swim / play in and some interesting sights for the kids.

Any recommendations?


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Jan 18, 2016
Yarra Valley
We have stayed in the Buckland Valley near Bright before and it's a great place to base yourself or Bright itself if you want a CP, or Sheepyard flats is another popular place to free camp, it's near Mansfeild or in Mansfeild itself if you want a CP.
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Jul 31, 2016
We have stayed in the Buckland Valley near Bright before and it's a great place to base yourself or Bright itself if you want a CP, or Sheepyard flats is another popular place to free camp, it's near Mansfeild or in Mansfeild itself if you want a CP.
Thx mate

Anyone driven to dargo or Talbotville or Italian flats?

Luke Rowe

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Jan 10, 2015
It has been over 6 years since we have been to Talbotville. Fantastic spot with heaps of room and a great little river. Road in is or was ok as long as no one is coming out, it can be tight in spots. Not sure what size van you have but well worth the effort.
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Nov 9, 2010
Mighty Victoria
Talbotville can get busy in January and so can Sheepyard Flat but more chance finding a spot there. If you want to see huts etc like Craigs Hut Sheepyard is the go with the Howqua River flowing through it.

Do a search mate I have done plenty of High Country trips in that area that may answer your questions
May 23, 2016
Hi Lach. We love the Jamieson Caravan Park (30kms from Mansfield). It's hugely popular esp during peak times but you might get lucky in Jan if there's been a cancellation. It's right on the Jamieson River but intersects right near Foots Bridge with the Goulburn River. Great swimming holes nearby in the Jamieson River, kayak hire, a swimming pool, fishing, open fires (as long as it's not a day of total fire ban), gold panning etc.

Plenty of free bush camping places on the Goulburn River further up the road towards Kevington if you're not keen on a caravan park but again these will be pretty popular in Jan. All right in the heart of the High Country with heaps of 4WD tracks and stunning countryside. Mansfield Visitor's Centre and the Jamieson Caravan Park will be able to give you heaps of info on all the local attractions.

Sheepyard Flat is a very large, flat, extremely picturesque bush camping area with some sites that are more private and separate from the main body of camping. The Howqua River runs right through it. We love camping there and it's easily accessed from Mansfield (abt 40kms away).

Skipworth Reserve, near the Ned Kelly tree and only abt 45 kms from Mansfield, is a huge flat camping area surrounded by beautiful bush. We camped there every Easter for years when it was just dense forest, very few people knew abt it and it had no facilities whatsoever. In the end the motorbikers and the pig shooters became an issue and we started camping elsewhere. Now it is maintained and mowed with sectioned off camping sites with fire pits and drop toilets. Pretty posh! Def worth considering as still very picturesque and heaps of space for riding bikes, games of cricket etc. No real creek nearby tho so swimming is out. Sorry.

We prefer Talbotville over Italian Flat. Italian Flat is pretty small in comparison and with the camping area situated quite low down in a narrow valley (more like a cutting) and the main dirt road running parallel directly above it, we found that the huge volume of traffic using the road showered the camping area continually with dust. The creek (Two Mile) wasn't very good for swimming in when we were there (Easter 2016). Talbotville is much more open and accomodating but when we visited there it was absolutely packed! Very picturesque esp with the Crooked River running through it.

Cheers, Carolyn
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Nov 30, 2017
Hello Lach.

Licola on the Macalister river North of Heyfield has a Caravan Park / General store.
12 ks up the Tamboritha road you find free camps, I think there are 13 stretched along the Wellington River, The road is bitumen up to the last campsite and all are accessible by 2wd.
If you continue up to the top past Mt Wellington you will find Horseyard flats on the Moroka river, Nice camp spot.
There are other camping spots in this area depending on the caravan size and tow vehicle.
Things to do in this area, walk to the Moroka falls, Visit the pinnacles fire tower, only if you have a support vehicle try bill goats bluff.
If you search for any of these places you will find plenty of information.
Regards Tony
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