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Dec 22, 2009
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Looking for a new gas regulator and bbq hose

Can anyone decipher the differences.

Some have 2kg/hr and some 3.5kg/hr but both are rated at 2.8 / 2.75kpa.

Am I correct in assuming the more gas per hour the more flow of gas?

I appreciate the appliance jets have to keep up.

Any thoughts appreciated.



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Yes one regulator is capable of passing more gas than the other.
One at 2kg of per hour or approx 100 mj/hr
The other at 3.5kg will pass approx 175mj/hr

Gas appliances are rated at Mj/hr and is the amount of gas they will burn for the period.
A 9kg bottle will have approx 450 mj of gas

The 2.75 v 2.8Kpa is the standard operating pressure of a low pressure LPG appliance

The difference between 2kg and 3.5kg will make no difference to how a single appliance will burn. The issue is how multiple appliance will burn together. For the usual Jayco appliances you won’t exceed the 100 mj/hr consumption
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