17' Series Gas question


New Member
Feb 21, 2017
Perth, WA
Hi all,
I have moved my gas bottles out towards the edge of the van (about 880 from centre of van). Can somone please tell me what the requirements are for max lengths of pigtails?
I've had advice that the max is 600mm, but like everything to do with caravans I see alot of caravans that have the set up I am after. Which is a double regulator system with manual switch valve and pigtails of around 1.2m and a bayonet for baby q?
I was also told that I can't have a gas hose fitted to a bayonet for my baby Q longer than 1.2m, but Webber sell a 3m hose for this purpose? Am i missing something here or am I being led down the garden path??
I dont have access to Australian standards for gas so can't check what the latest regs are, so any onfo would be great.