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Brad & Donna

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May 13, 2013
Hi all,
Time has come for the van to go, after many happy trips another family will now be able to get as much fun out of it as we did. These vans are no longer built and highly sought after.

Located in Townsville

Fitted with all the standard options plus many extra modifications.

150l 3 way fridge
Twin bunks
Rear tyre carrier
Extra gas bayonet
Pioneer stereo with external speakers
External tv point
2 New tyres

Full annex - never used
Full front toolbox
Pole carrier
EZY lift WD bars and hitch
2 x 180amphr AGM deep cycle batteries
12v isolator switch
Pantry and fridge lights

I will also include all the extras with the van as I will have no use for these, they include
Baby Q Webber with roasting hood and rotisserie
80w portable solar panel
Annex floor matting
Kitchen appliances
Kitchen storage containers
Power leads
Grey water and potable water hoses

Here is the link to my previous posts -additional photos and comments

Will be posted on other sites, happy browsing

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Feb 18, 2018
Hi Brad,
Shame I didn't come across your buy earlier - we just purchased the same van (2009 model) after months of searching. Ironically, we bought it from the original owners in Townsville! I had the van trucked (tray back) home - South East Queensland. A cost I was prepared to pay to get the right van! If you get interest from out of town, can recommend loadshift.com.au for sourcing transport for the van.
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