NSW Eden - Garden of Eden Caravan Park


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Jul 4, 2011
Located a couple km north of the centre of town, and about 1km or so from the beach. Stayed there in Summer when park was at capacity.
Caters to powered and un powered sites, plus the usual cabins and permanents and whatnot.
There are sort of two main van areas. We were in the rear van area with good sized sites, lots of shade. Backing the van in was the only mild issue with the site as turning space is tight especially with people parking their vehciles along the fenceline opposite. Tight with a 17' foot van but managed ok. The front van area sites are angled off the roads so backing is easier on those.
Next to a school on one side, bush and lake to the back and a little housing on the other side so pretty quiet overall.
For those like us who use the public amenities, they were clean and new and large.

The park has a pool, mini golf and tennis at the front, and there was a jumping castle/activity thing set up while we were there on the grassed unpowered area. A camp kitchen and rec room central. A rear gate at the back takes you to a walking track around the lake/cove/lagoon. The main road at the front goes straight to the main beach.

Theres a corner store opposite, who also have a coffee van which kindly and loudly drives through the park at 7am to get you up to buy coffee.

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