No Options Apply Diesel Heater in 18.58-2 OB

Feb 9, 2016
Hi Guys,

Im starting to plan for winter.......thinking of a diesel heater. Only after a cheap one. Has anyone installed one in a 18.58-2? Where did you put it? If so, please post some pics.


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Nov 7, 2013
Cooloola Coast, QLD
All I can advise is to buy from Pinnacle Wholesales on Ebay you may be unhappy buying from other places, I bought from one mob and it broke in a matter of weeks, no after sales service at all, wouldn't answer emails which seems to be common, managed to get my money back thru Ebay so then got a unit from Pinnacle who are in Victoria and actually talk to you on the phone in english ...............
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Oct 7, 2016
Hey Brad
I had a hard time making up my mind on wear to put mine, I did make a cardboard template 1:1 scale download the detail spec sheet just overall size in and outlets plus floor pipework, it comes in handy when you think this is a good spot then go under the van and find stuff in the way, rough is OK.
I have put mine in the cupboard on the shower wall, you will see I put the outlet up a bit higher it gets HOT for about 600 mm in front of the air flow and I did not want that driving into the floor vinal ( happy I did ) if I point the vent down I put a matt on the floor to defuse it.
As you will see I still have not mounted the controll unit, I'm not slack its just I can't read the screen unless I'm square onto it, so I sit on the day lounge to set it. It will need to be mounted eye high for me and I just cant think where yet.

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