17' Series Cracks in Interior Roof


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Apr 13, 2018
Hi, I'm new to the forum, and have already spent a while getting off track reading all the threads! Valuable advice, so thank you!. We have had our 2011 Expanda 17.56 (the one with bunks so I think -1?) for only 5 months. We've taken it 10,000ks already, albeit on only 3 trips. I noticed this week when setting up for our latest trip that the door/awning side has a series of cracks about 3 inches long from the outside join running inward on the underside of the ceiling. The back corner over the bunk suggests more like water? I happened to be near Jayco and they said it was water damage and the seals need to be redone to stop it 'spreading' inside. I'm curious if anyone else has had anything similar and can suggest if this is feasible, or something that we can do ourselves, or only Jayco? I've also posted for suggestions on aluminium trim, so if you have suggestions there too, I'm open!
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Nov 7, 2013
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Firstly welcome and yes you can get off track and spend a fair bit of time when you start digging around on here, while I would like to help some pics of your damage will enable folks to get a better idea of the problem and allow a speedy more accurate answer to your problem without a lot of waffle.

It's not an uncommon problem and I'm sure someone here will nail the answer for you....................