NSW Bombala - Bombala Caravan Park


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Jul 4, 2011
Originally were we weren't intending to stop here, heading straight up to Jindabyne from Sale. But I felt like a shorter day and we read Bombala was 'Platypus Capital of Australia' (as is Skipton in Vic and LaTrobe in Tas:confused-87:) so figured here was as good as anywhere.
Its a small council run park on Monaro Highway, next to a council park (bbq swings) abutting Bombala River.
Amenities are new, big and clean. Even had a heater over the showers. Best council facilities I've seen.
Can't remember cost but it was like $25 or something. Not strictly necessary to book, but we did and had a spot allocated with a sign on a post when we arrived with the park about 80% full, which is maybe 30 spots. The manager turns up for an hour or so late in the day to collect fees and check on things.

There is the park/playground next door, a bbq or two but thats it. As basic as it gets.

Our spot was the pick of the bunch. Backing onto the river reserve with the water 30m away, and next to the gate to the walking track along the river.

for the lack of facilites it could only get a 2/5 on my completely irrational scoring system, but was exactly what we like so 4.5/5 for me.

Platypus - ok, you're all screaming "what about the platypuses, or is it platypi" (I just know you're all sitting on the edge of your seats) Well, theres a viewing platform a few km out of town that we went to in the arvo, and again at dusk. We were there a while on both times and saw a lizard family and that was it. (it also appears to be a free camp spot if you'd prefer that)
Later a local suggested in the river behind the van but a little ways along near a particular bridge. The missus got up at dawn and went for a walk and saw them there. I pulled myself out of bed an hour after dawn and they were in the river right behind the van. Easy peasy.
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